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Steve Krentz

Parts Specialist - ConEquip Parts and Equipment LLC

Steve Krentz Bio Pic Steve joined ConEquipParts in July of 2013 from New York City where he was a news producer. After 15 years of peddling death and destruction through a skewed liberal lens, he decided to peddle parts which he says is more profitable and fulfilling.

He enjoys the challenge of finding parts and working with customers to resolve problems.

Steve has a wife and a young son with a baby on the way.

What is most important to him is his relationship with Jesus Christ, sharing God's love, and working to be a better husband, father, and friend.

His favorite NFL team is the Buffalo Bills so he also often deals with severe bouts of depression.

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Contact Steve via phone at 888-983-7847 Ext. 83 or 716-836-5069

Call us at 1-888-998-2095

A parts specialist is waiting to help you!

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